Auburn Football isn’t over just yet, and neither is

One final hurrah for the year is in store for you, AUFan!

Stan and Jay will be back NEXT week, well before the Outback Bowl, where the Auburn Tigers take on the Wisconsin Badgers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, to put a closer on the season.  While it wasn’t quite the season we all wanted, we certainly can’t say it was a horrible experience.  It doesn’t take much to remember 2012.  Am I right?

At any rate, we get to see the Tigers take the field once more for the season and that’s reason enough to be excited! Game time is 11:00 CST on January 1, and you can see the action on ESPN2 (so I’m told).

Stay tuned to your email for the next installment of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay.  The guys will definitely talk Tigers football and who knows what else.

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Auburn Football Getting Iron Bowl Ready

Auburn Tigers deafeat Samford.  Okay.  That’s old news, so now Stan and Jay look ahead to the last regular season game.  If you live under a rock in the middle of  Lickskillet, AL you might not know this upcoming game is the IRON BOWL.  Auburn Tigers, ranked somewhere around blah-blah-flah and the Crimson Tide, the #1 team right now, are getting prepared for the big one.

If you’re familiar with Jack Handey, you might hear him reflect on the Iron Bowl by saying “Winning the Iron Bowl isn’t everything, but it sure beats stumbling into a mudhole with 10 cats.  I’m really not a cat person.” That’s a pretty deep thought, I think. I have no idea what it really means, but I think we can deduce that win or lose, this is going to be one more fantastic game.

In this new volume of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, you’ll hear a comprehensive discussion regarding Alabama’s 2014 season.  The Tide has mostly been rising throughout the schedule which one would think creates an impenetrable wall that Auburn will be up against.  Contrary to that, there are a few chinks in their armor that the Tigers will hopefully be able to find and exploit to move ahead.  There’s talk of reducing penalties, ridding this game of errors and hopefully rising to victory in the end.  Jay’s show-ending soliloquy will remind you of why the Iron Bowl is an event to cherish and remember….and, yeah…WIN!






An Interesting Season For Auburn Football

Hey there, AUFan!

So this podcast might be seen as a little bit of a downer, but here at, we are Always Auburn and it’s WAR EAGLE Forever!  We do, however, tend to reflect what’s going on with the team.   On the Talking Tigers Football show, sometimes we go with the ebb and flow of the season.  I guess this is an ebb week.

In this podcast episode, Stan and Jay talk about the loss to Georgia and what that’s done to the season for Auburn Football.  There ARE two games to win this season and the guys mention some of that.  Stan looks at some other SEC action and what some key wins and losses might mean for the SEC.  Stan also has a word for fans who seem to feed on and spew negativity when our boys in orange and blue don’t get to tack a W onto the board.  Don’t miss that for sure.

As always, we’re proud to bring this podcast to you each week and we hope you enjoy listening.  So with that, I give you the Week 13 Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay podcast.  Enjoy!

And as always, WAR EAGLE




Cheer Up, AU Fans! Auburn’s Gus Bus is still rollin’…

Hello, Auburn football fans (et al.)!   If you were hiding under a rock this past weekend, or only possess half of your wits, you might not realize that Auburn’s playoff hopes have been blasted apart by a shot that was meant for Texas A&M.  We stepped in front of our own bullet…we shot ourselves in the foot…we…well, quite frankly, we lost it (the game, not our minds…although that’s debatable in the case of the staff at

GREAT NEWS, though.  In this podcast, Stan reveals a hopeful scenario that could possibly put Auburn on top of the SEC heap to win the west and then go on to win the SEC Championship.  Gus Malzahn will have to have guns a’blazing to make it happen.  And a couple of other things need to happen too.  Just listen to the podcast for details.

Georgia Bulldogs are next on the schedule and once again, a pivotal game in the schedule (call me crazy, but haven’t they ALL been pivotal this season?).  Tune in for Stan’s illustrious prediction for this matchup and others around the SEC, and Jay will chime in there somewhere for that almost-always-correct Top Ten Reasons Auburn Will Win.

It’s time to rally around those Tigers and lift up our team!  Go Tigers!  War Eagle!  Listen to the Podcast!





Auburn – Talking Tigers Football With Stan and Jay

The GENEROUS Auburn Tigers gave away plenty of yardage to Ole Miss, but wouldn’t give them a WIN

This week on Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, you’ll get an earful regarding this past week’s game pitting the Auburn Tigers against the Rebel s (aka Rebel Black Bears) from Ole Miss.  A more exciting game could ne’er be found that weekend, especially if you were pulling for Ole Miss or Auburn.  Tune in to hear Stan and Jay discuss the action, the injuries, and more Auburn penalties than you can shake a stick at.

Stan goes on further to take a look at the upcoming game involving Texas A & M.  He’ll give a score prediction and a look around at other upcoming SEC games, while Jay has his usual Top Ten Reasons Auburn Will Win This Week.  Yes, Sir!  It’s another Auburn Football Podcast that can’t be beat and it is coming your way!  Don’t miss it!


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