Cheer Up, AU Fans! Auburn’s Gus Bus is still rollin’…

Hello, Auburn football fans (et al.)!   If you were hiding under a rock this past weekend, or only possess half of your wits, you might not realize that Auburn’s playoff hopes have been blasted apart by a shot that was meant for Texas A&M.  We stepped in front of our own bullet…we shot ourselves in the foot…we…well, quite frankly, we lost it (the game, not our minds…although that’s debatable in the case of the staff at

GREAT NEWS, though.  In this podcast, Stan reveals a hopeful scenario that could possibly put Auburn on top of the SEC heap to win the west and then go on to win the SEC Championship.  Gus Malzahn will have to have guns a’blazing to make it happen.  And a couple of other things need to happen too.  Just listen to the podcast for details.

Georgia Bulldogs are next on the schedule and once again, a pivotal game in the schedule (call me crazy, but haven’t they ALL been pivotal this season?).  Tune in for Stan’s illustrious prediction for this matchup and others around the SEC, and Jay will chime in there somewhere for that almost-always-correct Top Ten Reasons Auburn Will Win.

It’s time to rally around those Tigers and lift up our team!  Go Tigers!  War Eagle!  Listen to the Podcast!