2013 Season

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AUFans.com presents the best Auburn Football Sports Podcast available. This will not only reference our own creations but others that are interesting (to us) and anybody who will pay us to put theirs up here (whether we find it interesting or not.)

The Stan Stephens Show

auburn sports podcastWhat does a NASA Call Center Analyst know about Auburn Football? Surprisingly, everything, if you’re talking about Stan Stephens. Stan started out at the wee age of 10 years old and has been following the Tigers fanatically since 1969.  (You should also note that is the year that NASA landed a man on the moon – and Stan’s Dad had something to do with that. Coincidence, we think not.)

Stan’s knowledge of ANYTHING Auburn is unparalleled. (We know that is a BOLD statement, but he can back it up.)

Stan will talk about the past weeks sports news and then go on to criticize (constructively of course, just short of slander or libel) other sports talking heads. Finally we’ll wrap up with the look ahead for predictions and comments on what will happen this week. (Please no wagering.)

Auburn Football Podcasts – Auburn Sports Podcasts


Show #1 – Kicking Off The Season Solo


Show #2 – Auburn Wins – The Washington State Game


Show #3 – Arkansas State


Show #4 – Mississippi State


Show #5


Show #6


Show #7


Show #8


Show #9


Show #10


Show #11


Show #12


Show #13


Show #14


Show #15




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  2. Sounds like a good show, keep up the good work! Can’t wait to listen during the season and during recruiting

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    • Yes it is. Stan’s well known for “name dropping” but in this case this is an actual picture (not photoshopped) of him with Pat Sullivan, Stan’s childhood hero and Heisman Trophy winner.

  4. By the way, on the next podcast, I hope to hear about all of the D-Line recruits! I know Summer is too early to gurrantee commitments, but even if Auburn can sign two of Lwason, liner, and Bower, the future of the d-line would be in good hands

    • Go and listen to last night’s podcast. Plenty of talk about recruiting and a LOT of guarantees flying around.

  5. Welcome back everybody. Let your friends know that Stan “The Auburn Man” Stephens is back at it again this year. Stan will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to argue with him – but you can’t cause it’s recorded.