Auburn vs Alabama: It’s Time for The Iron Bowl

Mission Critical.  Auburn Needs to Play Hard and Play Well.

AU Fans Podcast  Week 13

If Auburn is going to have an unbelievably great game, this would be the one.  Unless you’ve enjoyed dark, quiet places for the past several months, you know that the Alabama football team has had quite a successful season.  There’s not much out there that could derail their season except for a loss against the Auburn Tigers which, interestingly, would send the only team that has defeated the Tide this season, the Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears, off to Atlanta as the SEC West champs.  That’s assuming they win their own “Egg Bowl” against Mississippi State.  It’s going to be an interesting weekend here in the deep South.

Be sure to take a listen to this week’s podcast, because Stan’s prediction for the Iron Bowl is pretty interesting, and well worth the hearing.  We hope you’ll make some time for Talking Tigers Football before the game on Saturday, mainly so that you’ll be familiar with the prediction to see if Stan’s nailed this one.  And, of course, for the guy’s engaging commentary on what it will take for Auburn to win against Alabama,  game commentary regarding Idaho, other SEC games from the past weekend, and what’s ahead in the SEC this week.  All of the best rivalry games are going on this weekend, so hopefully all 7 of your television sets are tuned up and ready.  Don’t forget to hit the record button on your DVR!


And WAR EAGLE, BABY!  It is ON!!