Auburn Football isn’t over just yet, and neither is

One final hurrah for the year is in store for you, AUFan!

Stan and Jay will be back NEXT week, well before the Outback Bowl, where the Auburn Tigers take on the Wisconsin Badgers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, to put a closer on the season.  While it wasn’t quite the season we all wanted, we certainly can’t say it was a horrible experience.  It doesn’t take much to remember 2012.  Am I right?

At any rate, we get to see the Tigers take the field once more for the season and that’s reason enough to be excited! Game time is 11:00 CST on January 1, and you can see the action on ESPN2 (so I’m told).

Stay tuned to your email for the next installment of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay.  The guys will definitely talk Tigers football and who knows what else.

Until next time…