Auburn Tigers Struggle But Aren’t Giving Up

Another Loss for Auburn Doesn’t Kill Their Spirit.  Improvement Continues.

AU Fans Podcast  Week 10

Okay, so Ole Miss handed Auburn another big ol’ plate of defeat. As loyal AU fans, in the spirit of enouragement and good times, let’s scrape all that off into the trash, or better yet, let’s just go get a new plate! The Auburn Tigers are headed to College Station, Texas to give the Aggies what for, and we here at think they can do it.

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AU Fans, this is Show #10 this season of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, and ALL of us want to say THANK YOU for listening and commenting online and off. You are the reason we want to put this pearl of a program together and get it online every week.

In this week’s podcast, the guys will talk about the near miss with Ole Miss and then look ahead to Texas A&M. Stan takes a look around the SEC, first in the rear-view mirror and then through his crystal ball to come up with who he thinks will be victorious this weekend.

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Let’s get behind our boys in blue and orange and beat those Aggies!