The 2015 Auburn Football season is behind us.

Finally, the Finale for TTF.  This Season Ends And New Things Are On The Horizon For The Auburn Tigers

AU Fans Podcast  Show #14 for The 2015 Season

It’s been an interesting season for the Auburn Tigers. I don’t think anyone could argue with that statement. There were some great wins and some spectacular losses. Don’t think for a moment that a discouraging season dampens the spirit of the Auburn family, though. Can I get a “War Eagle” on that?

Before you is the latest herculean effort that the Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay crew have put together for your Auburn Football enjoyment. Wrapping up the season is where this show begins. It’s the good and the bad…and a tiny bit of ugly. Later, Stan gets into some of the details of Auburn coaching changes and player changes, and then, to our delight, it’s predictions galore. Stan once more dusts off the crystal ball to peer into the next season and give us a little dose of “you gotta be kiddin’”. He’s got some predictions that might just surprise you. But let’s see how it all pans out.

Don’t miss this season’s finale of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay. If nothing else, the guys will put a smile on your face as they close up for the year and look forward to the next season cheering on the Auburn Tigers.

No matter what, it’s still…










Auburn vs Alabama: It’s Time for The Iron Bowl

Mission Critical.  Auburn Needs to Play Hard and Play Well.

AU Fans Podcast  Week 13

If Auburn is going to have an unbelievably great game, this would be the one.  Unless you’ve enjoyed dark, quiet places for the past several months, you know that the Alabama football team has had quite a successful season.  There’s not much out there that could derail their season except for a loss against the Auburn Tigers which, interestingly, would send the only team that has defeated the Tide this season, the Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears, off to Atlanta as the SEC West champs.  That’s assuming they win their own “Egg Bowl” against Mississippi State.  It’s going to be an interesting weekend here in the deep South.

Be sure to take a listen to this week’s podcast, because Stan’s prediction for the Iron Bowl is pretty interesting, and well worth the hearing.  We hope you’ll make some time for Talking Tigers Football before the game on Saturday, mainly so that you’ll be familiar with the prediction to see if Stan’s nailed this one.  And, of course, for the guy’s engaging commentary on what it will take for Auburn to win against Alabama,  game commentary regarding Idaho, other SEC games from the past weekend, and what’s ahead in the SEC this week.  All of the best rivalry games are going on this weekend, so hopefully all 7 of your television sets are tuned up and ready.  Don’t forget to hit the record button on your DVR!


And WAR EAGLE, BABY!  It is ON!!


Auburn Falls to Georgia…Unbelievable!

What was looking like a win in the first half suddenly turned sour.  VERY sour.

AU Fans Podcast  Week 12

We were all hoping for a win against the Georgia Bulldogs, but we didn’t get it.  Saturday turned out to be one of the bigger disappointments the Tigers have had all year, and it’s not because Georgia came in and played a great game. The Tiger’s offense, defense, and special teams were a well-oiled machine in the first half, but were less than productive in the second. Auburn’s scoring early and scoring often just didn’t work out this time around.  What happened?


In this week’s Talking Tigers Football podcast, Stan and Jay take a close look at what went right and where things really fell apart for the Tigers.  It doesn’t look like anyone really knows just what’s going wrong for our boys in orange and blue, otherwise, it would be fixed by now and we wouldn’t be having the meltdown that some AU fans are experiencing.  Just one more game left before the Iron Bowl, I’m sure the Tigers and the entire coaching staff are discouraged but are forging ahead anyway.  The Idaho Vandals visit Jordan-Hare this Saturday and hopefully Auburn can slice ‘em and dice ‘em handily.   As usual, Stan and Jay take a look around the SEC from last week regarding who the winners were and who’s adding a loss to their standings. Sterritt scores, Playoff rankings and more, right here on Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay!


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A Win Comes This Way For Auburn

Stan and Jay recap a nice looking win for the AuburnTigers

AU Fans Podcast  Week 11

We were all hoping for a win against Texas A&M. Saturday turned out to be one of the best performances the Tigers have given all year. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams all seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Auburn’s scoring early and scoring often proved to be a good strategy against a struggling Texas A&M team. Swirling winds, loads of interceptions, and a very questionable overturning of a targeting call against A&M all made this a very interesting football game.

In this week’s Talking Tigers Football podcast, Stan and Jay take a close look at what went right this time around for Auburn and what didn’t go right for the Aggies. The guys take a look around the SEC from last week and make some comments about games coming up this weekend. Auburn’s game against the Georgia Bulldogs will, of course, take center stage for AU Fans as we see who starts at QB this week. We’re looking forward to a great weekend.


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Auburn Tigers Struggle But Aren’t Giving Up

Another Loss for Auburn Doesn’t Kill Their Spirit.  Improvement Continues.

AU Fans Podcast  Week 10

Okay, so Ole Miss handed Auburn another big ol’ plate of defeat. As loyal AU fans, in the spirit of enouragement and good times, let’s scrape all that off into the trash, or better yet, let’s just go get a new plate! The Auburn Tigers are headed to College Station, Texas to give the Aggies what for, and we here at think they can do it.

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AU Fans, this is Show #10 this season of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, and ALL of us want to say THANK YOU for listening and commenting online and off. You are the reason we want to put this pearl of a program together and get it online every week.

In this week’s podcast, the guys will talk about the near miss with Ole Miss and then look ahead to Texas A&M. Stan takes a look around the SEC, first in the rear-view mirror and then through his crystal ball to come up with who he thinks will be victorious this weekend.

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Let’s get behind our boys in blue and orange and beat those Aggies!