An Interesting Season For Auburn Football

Hey there, AUFan!

So this podcast might be seen as a little bit of a downer, but here at, we are Always Auburn and it’s WAR EAGLE Forever!  We do, however, tend to reflect what’s going on with the team.   On the Talking Tigers Football show, sometimes we go with the ebb and flow of the season.  I guess this is an ebb week.

In this podcast episode, Stan and Jay talk about the loss to Georgia and what that’s done to the season for Auburn Football.  There ARE two games to win this season and the guys mention some of that.  Stan looks at some other SEC action and what some key wins and losses might mean for the SEC.  Stan also has a word for fans who seem to feed on and spew negativity when our boys in orange and blue don’t get to tack a W onto the board.  Don’t miss that for sure.

As always, we’re proud to bring this podcast to you each week and we hope you enjoy listening.  So with that, I give you the Week 13 Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay podcast.  Enjoy!

And as always, WAR EAGLE