Auburn Football Getting Iron Bowl Ready

Auburn Tigers deafeat Samford.  Okay.  That’s old news, so now Stan and Jay look ahead to the last regular season game.  If you live under a rock in the middle of  Lickskillet, AL you might not know this upcoming game is the IRON BOWL.  Auburn Tigers, ranked somewhere around blah-blah-flah and the Crimson Tide, the #1 team right now, are getting prepared for the big one.

If you’re familiar with Jack Handey, you might hear him reflect on the Iron Bowl by saying “Winning the Iron Bowl isn’t everything, but it sure beats stumbling into a mudhole with 10 cats.  I’m really not a cat person.” That’s a pretty deep thought, I think. I have no idea what it really means, but I think we can deduce that win or lose, this is going to be one more fantastic game.

In this new volume of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, you’ll hear a comprehensive discussion regarding Alabama’s 2014 season.  The Tide has mostly been rising throughout the schedule which one would think creates an impenetrable wall that Auburn will be up against.  Contrary to that, there are a few chinks in their armor that the Tigers will hopefully be able to find and exploit to move ahead.  There’s talk of reducing penalties, ridding this game of errors and hopefully rising to victory in the end.  Jay’s show-ending soliloquy will remind you of why the Iron Bowl is an event to cherish and remember….and, yeah…WIN!