Auburn Football Podcast

Auburn moves To 5-1, 2-1 in the SEC, but you knew that already, right?

AU Fans Podcast  Week 8

I see you’ve risen to the challenge of bringing new subscribers to  Wasn’t you? Well, SOMEBODY brung ’em!  So someone gets a spankin’  NO, wait!…I mean someone gets a THANKIN’!  Got a cowbell clanging in my ear and couldn’t hear a word I was typin’!

But speaking of a spanking…

Mississippi State has a surprisingly good team this year.  Unfortunately, they were probably near the peak of their playing abilities when the Auburn Tigers were at the low of their own.  It was rough on our boys in orange and blue.  They took a beating, but no doubt it will make these Tigers a better team.  Auburn Football takes a break this coming Saturday and they’ll be back to it against South Carolina the following week.


No game does NOT mean NO podcast.  There’s still plenty to keep Stan and Jay on the gas pedal.   Once again, we goin’ for a RIDE!  Don’t miss it!




War Eagle!