Auburn Football Strikes Back

There is only “do” or “do not” when it comes to beating South Carolina.  There is no “try”.

AU Fans Podcast  Week 9

Have you ever taken on an endeavor that is intended for the masses but deep down it’s mainly for your own personal entertainment?  That’s how Stan and Jay approach this podcast.  It’s for YOU, but these guys enjoy it to the point where it’s for them too.


No doubt this is how Coach Malzahn approaches football at Auburn.  The guy is most definitely, visor and all, in his element.  Coaching a team and managing all these different personalities is a challenge for anyone, but you can bet Coach Malzahn enjoys the stresses on a deep, personal level.  This IS his entertainment.  If a reporter asks “Coach, do you have any hobbies?”  I’d be surprised if the answer wasn’t “Auburn Football”.


War Eagle!  Let’s beat South Carolina!


Oh yeah, don’t forget to listen to this podcast.  It was made just for you…and Stan…and Jay…and…


War Eagle!