Auburn Football. No less than AMAZING.

Auburn 5-0, Rollin’ on the Gus Bus

AU Fans Podcast  Week 7

[ “Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay has become a staple in your life, hasn’t it?  In that case, I challenge you to tell your friends and have a new subscriber on by the time the Auburn Tigers play Mississippi State.”  ]

Remember that little challenge?  The time for that game is coming on QUICK (see the counter at for an outrageously precise countdown to game time).  Well? Have you convinced a friend or two to subscribe so that you have someone to call up and say “Those guys, Stan and Jay had a really great show this week…I’m completely addicted”.  To which your friend will reply, “you are the greatest friend I’ve ever had. THANK YOU for introducing me to this incredibly entertaining podcast!”

This week on Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, get an earful of all the happenings this past week in SEC football, including all the top ten apparent smackdowns and some discussion (but very little gloating) about Auburn’s astounding win over LSU.

Then, get the inside scoop on what’s going on in Stan’s brain when he thinks about this upcoming weekend in the SEC.  Just like Stan’s brain, this show is PACKED!  Ya got predictions, ya got your game commentary, ya got the singing and choreography…oh, wait…different podcast.

Trust me, Stan and Jay ARE here to entertain, even if it’s mainly entertaining themselves, and even if no singing is involved.  I wouldn’t rule out choreography just yet.


War Eagle!