Auburn Football Strikes Back

There is only “do” or “do not” when it comes to beating South Carolina.  There is no “try”. AU Fans Podcast  Week 9 Have you ever taken on an endeavor that is intended for the masses but deep down it’s … Continue reading

Auburn Football. No less than AMAZING.

Auburn 5-0, Rollin’ on the Gus Bus AU Fans Podcast  Week 7 [ “Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay has become a staple in your life, hasn’t it?  In that case, I challenge you to tell your friends and … Continue reading

Auburn Football Takes On LSU

Auburn 4-0, and Looking For #5 AU Fans Podcast  Week 6 No boring football talk here.  You’ve entered the The Stan Zone.  Auburn Football is exciting and listening to Stan and Jay could have a positive impact on your day.  … Continue reading

Auburn Football

Looking Forward to LA Tech, Auburn 3-0 AU Fans Podcast  Week 5 Auburn Football is exciting, dynamic, and sometimes over-the-top.  We strive for that same effect at Talking Tigers Football.  In this latest podcast episode, you’ll hear things that you’ll … Continue reading

Auburn Football – Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay

Looking Forward to Kansas State, Auburn still 2-0 2014 AU Fans Podcast  Show 4 Don’t miss this podcast, AUFans!     Buckle up Auburn Football Fans! This podcast will be one well worth the listen.  Talking Tigers Football with Stan and … Continue reading