Auburn’s Break is OVER. Time To Face Kentucky

Auburn is headed to Lexington.  Let’s hear it for theTigers!

AU Fans Podcast  Week 7

So you’re still with us, are you? That’s GREAT! We appreciate the support of our listeners. Stan and Jay wouldn’t be very happy to know that NO ONE was listening to them yammer on, I mean, TALK… about the Auburn Tigers.
Coming up on Thursday of this week, The Tigers will travel North to Lexington, KY to take on the Kentucky Wildcats.  It should be an exciting game and maybe one that will reveal what the rest of the Auburn season may hold.

In this podcast, you’ll hear the guys talk about SEC action from the past weekend (ie, Stan eats more crow) and what is ahead.  Stan tells who is playing who and will give you his expert thoughts on the outcome of SEC action this weekend…to include Thursday’s AU vs UK game.  Don’t miss a moment as Stan decides to discuss some changes that the Auburn Tigers will have to embrace in order to stay relevant in the SEC this season.

I give you Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay.

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