Auburn Has a Break This Week

A win against San Jose State may boost Auburn’s confidence

AU Fans Podcast  Week 6

A win is ALWAYS good.  Auburn defeats San Jose State, but as Stan points out, trouble still seems to be brewing on the plains for our boys in blue and orange.  In this installment of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about this past game and look ahead with Stan to what may be in store when the Tigers take on Kentucky on October 15…remember, that’s a Thursday.

Don’t miss this new podcast as Auburn takes a break this week, and will hopefully bring new life to the field next time. Will Sean White become a leading force at QB?  Will someone step up to replace Duke Williams? Will this team ignore the naysayers (some of them posing as Auburn fans) and make this a great season after all?  These are the questions we can’t answer, but Stan and Jay hope to inform you and entertain you a little with this week’s Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay.