2013 Auburn Football Podcast Show #11

Auburn Football Podcast

2013 Auburn Football Podcast Show #11

BIG week as the Tigers have defeated the Arkansas Razorbacks and now have the Tennessee Vols in the crosshairs.  Your AU Fans Super Pod-Hoster, Stan Stephens will tell you all about another win for our beloved Auburn.  In this podcast he gives some candid commentary about some of the Auburn talk around the Net.  The Pigs got a good roasting last Saturday and Stan will give you the gory details.  He’s got some predictions about SEC games coming up this Saturday, and he talks a good deal about what it might take to get a win against Tennessee.  He predicts that Auburn will most assuredly win, and will talk about why he thinks Auburn will win.  Stan looks like he might be a busy guy combing the globe because he’s got another guest graduate from out of town asking questions that will test Stan’s Auburn Football wisdom.  Listen here, and let your momma know the Auburn Football Podcast is ON!






Stan is a DIE-HARD Auburn fanatic AND Auburn graduatic (is that actually a word?),  but nobody knows more about Auburn Football than Stan Stephens.  So let’s listen in on this season’s eleventh Auburn Football Podcast to hear Stan’s take on all things Auburn.  Football, that is.


War Eagle!