2013 Auburn Football Podcast Show #10

Auburn Football Podcast

2013 Auburn Football Podcast Show #10

Again this week, your AU Fans Podcast Super-Superhost, Stan Stephens will tell you all about another win for Auburn.  In this podcast he takes a teeny-tiny look at what transpired when Nick Marshall & Co. went up against the Florida Atlantic Owls…yeah, we know…WHO?.  Stan has some predictions about SEC games coming up, and he talks extensively about the upcoming contest against the Arkansas Razorbacks, who he gleefully refers to as “the pigs”.  He predicts that Auburn will most assuredly win, and will talk about why he thinks Auburn will win.  And, if you can believe it, Stan has another guest from far and away asking questions that will test Stan’s Auburn Football wisdom.  Crank those speakers, and let’s see what we hear…hopefully the sound of another crushing win for the Tigers on Saturday.  Listen here, and tell at least 3.2 of your friends that a new Auburn Football Podcast is ON!





Stan is a DIE-HARD Auburn fan AND Auburn graduate (maybe just barely) but nobody knows more about Auburn Football than Stan Stephens.  So let’s listen in on this season’s TENTH Auburn Football Podcast to hear Stan’s take on all things Auburn Football as they wreak havoc in the SEC…okay, maybe no one is wreaking havoc, but it souds cool, right?


War Eagle!