Auburn’s Tough Loss to Arkansas

Several Opportunities for An Auburn Win Slip By

AU Fans Podcast  Week 9

It’s another tough week for Auburn fans.  I’d imagine it has been even tougher for the guys who go out there week after week in orange and blue to make things happen for Auburn on the gridiron.

As Auburn went against Arkansas this past weekend, the Tigers had a dismal start, an encouraging second half, and one tie-producing Daniel Carlson field goal that made its way between the uprights with just 4 seconds left in the game.

FOUR overtimes later, Arkansas emerged victorious in one of the biggest nail-biters you could ever imagine.

This week, listen in as Stan and Jay discuss the details of this game including some of the best and worst of what was there to be seen.  Dropped passes, amazing receptions, and a little bit in between.

Listen in as Stan and Jay talk about other SEC matchups last week and who’s going to be playing this weekend.  We’ll all be looking forward to a great game against Ole Miss, but for today, listen close as Stan goes for the crystal ball to give you a score prediction for Saturday.  Let’s hope crow is not on the menu.

As mentioned for the first time last week, a new feature at is the addition of the new ranking system called the Sterritt Score.  Find the Sterritt Score tab at to read an explanation of how the numbers come together from the system’s creator, Ryan Sterritt.

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