Auburn Football Looking Good Right Now

(To the tune of Johnny Comes Marching Home)

When Nick leads the Tigers down the field
Hurrah, Hurrah
When Auburn’s ahead and the Rebels are down
Hurrah, Hurrah
The Eagle will soar every time we score
The Fans will all be screaming for more
When Nick Marshall scores
We’ll be taking the vic’try home


This week on Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay, you’ll hear the expert commentary you have become accustomed to.  The Tigers come out on top once again against South Carolina and Stan has a thing or two to say about it.  In this show the guys talk a little about the CFPSC (Pronounced SeeFIPSee)  poll that just came out which places Auburn in the #3 slot (You heard that CFPSC pronunciation here, FIRST, by the way).  We’re hoping Coach Malzahn will pull out all the stops to keep the Tigers there within that top 4.  The guys look ahead to the Ole Miss game and to all the action going on in the SEC.  DON’T MISS THIS PODCAST!