Auburn Football, Talking Tigers with Stan & Jay

San Jose State Defeated, Auburn 2-0

2014 AU Fans Podcast  Show 3

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This week, Stan and Jay discuss the recent Auburn football win over San Jose State.  Listen to Stan elaborate on what happened during that game, the good and the bad.  He covers it all.  The guys talk about what’s happening in the SEC while Auburn is off for the week.  The Auburn Tigers vs. Kansas State Wildcats game next week is going to be a big, very big, on September 18, and the town of Manhattan, Kansas is expecting record crowds. Remember that one happens on a Thursday night.  All SEC eyes will be on our guys in orange and blue and Coach Malzahn as well.    With a couple of shout-outs included, we hope you enjoy this edition of Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay.  War Eagle everybody!!


War Eagle!