Auburn Football

Arkansas Defeated, Auburn 1-0

2014 AU Fans Podcast  Show #2

Welcome to “Talking Tigers Football with Stan and Jay”.  All of us at AU hope you enjoy the Auburn Football podcast we are bringing to your inbox each week.
This time around, listen in as Stan and Jay discuss the first half power struggle and second half dominance of the Tigers from game one.   Was there really any doubt that Auburn would be victorious?  After all, Stan was only 3 points off in his prediction of Auburn’s win over the Razorbacks.  THREE POINTS, people!  And he NAILED the final score for Arkansas.  For all practical purposes, if Daniel Carlson’s first kick had managed to hit the INSIDE of the goal post and sail on through, Stan’s prediction would have been dead on.  Why am I spending so much time on this?  I dunno…maybe because it was good…almost prophetic.

Stan and Jay also talk about the San Jose team who will be meeting up with the Tigers at Auburn on September 6th.  Both teams will be expecting big things.  Stan has a prediction about that one too, but to get it, you have to listen in.

With Game Two just around the corner for Auburn, Stan and Jay offer this new podcast experience.  Please, enjoy!  And tell your AUFan friends to subscribe so that they can be amongst the elite and receive a podcast posting alert right in their inbox.

War Eagle!