Vic & Stan Show # 10 – The First Win – ULM Game

Auburn Football Podcast

Auburn Wins Their First Game! Happy Days are here again. The University of Louisiana Monroe was the first win for the Tigers this year. So, we are 1-2 now. Possible 12-2 season in the making. (Of course, there’s also the possibility of a 1-13 season but we won’t discuss that.) On this weeks podcast, the guys try to find the positives from an overtime victory over ULM. Coming up – more Tiger meat. (Wait, does that make us cannibals?) Whatever, let’s get ready for LSU to come to the plains. I’m sure it will be a real barn burner. WAR EAGLE!

Stan Stephens

Stan Stephens meets his childhood hero, Pat Sullivan - Auburn Football

Vic Herren

Vic Herren - Auburn Football

Vic Herren & Stan Stephens are DIE-HARD Auburn fans AND Auburn graduates (Stan just barely) but nobody knows more about Auburn Football than these two guys.