What better way to show your Auburn Spirit than with an AUFans.com or AUFans.net vanity email address?

[email protected]


Email Forwarding from AUFANS.com or AUFANS.net

  • $10 per year
  • $18 for 2 years ($9/year – Save 10%)
  • $24 for 3 years ($8/year – Save 20%)

First come, first served. Why not buy one for the whole family? Buy 3 or more and get an additional $1.00 per year (30% savings) off each email address.

Send an email to [email protected] to check your name availability *. Also, let me know how many years you want to reserve. You will then get an invoice that you can pay with any major credit card using PayPal’s secure money request process. We never see your credit card numbers or other personal information, nor is it stored on our site or servers.

(Click here for a vanity domain name.)

*We reserve the right to refuse a vanity email address that contain profanity or explicit words.