Vic & Stan Show #8 – Crow for Breakfast & Lessons from Game #1

Auburn Football Podcast Well Game #1, the Clemson debacle, is in the books. And, unfortunately, it’s in the books as a loss. Stan has to start off in Week #1 eating crow. I’m sure it’s not tasty but Stan can … Continue reading

Vic & Stan Show #7 – We Have a QB, But No Snapper

Auburn Football Podcast Less than a week from kickoff now loyal fans. Coach named a Quarterback, thanks to some prodding from us of course. His name is Frazier. Now, all we need is somebody to snap it to him. I … Continue reading

Vic & Stan Show #6 – Still No QB Named?

Auburn Football Thirteen days and counting and STILL NO QB? Come on Coach, we’re “not getting any separation” from somebody who isn’t even competing? What’s up with that? (We love you Coach and I’m sure you may know more about … Continue reading

Vic & Stan Show #4 – Recruiting & Predictions

We’re back with another podcast about Auburn Football. These pre-season podcasts just keep getting better and better. The guys talk some more about recruiting and then, as always, Stan makes some more wild predictions. We just hope they all come … Continue reading