2013 Auburn Football Podcast Show #13

Auburn Football Podcast

2013 Auburn Football Podcast Show #13

What’s the best way to describe Auburn’s win over University of Georgia?  No can do.  It was absolutely indescribable!  This was a big, big win for Auburn, not only in the stunning way they clinched the victory but also because of the rivalry between these two schools.  It’s been called the oldest rivalry in the south, and the fact is that this was a game that added volumes of fuel to the fire.  It could have gone either way for Auburn, but the Tigers came out on top with what might be the team’s most memorable game of all time.  Listen now to hear your super duper pod hosting pajama slamma’ Stan the Man Unusual Stephens as he puts the meat on your plate, boys and girls!  Hear Stan’s thoughts about this game of games that shall henceforth and forevermore be known as The Marshall To Louis Miracle at Jordan-Hare.  A couple of fabulous calls from the Auburn Sports Network’s own Rod Bramblett are included in this one as well as Stan’s thoughts about other matchups that have been going on.  Stan talks a little about the upcoming Iron Bowl and suggests that Auburn might be able to continue to roll wide in the SEC if our boys in orange and blue will produce a victory over that other team from the Tiger’s home state.  As you’ve come to expect, Stan will also talk with a graduate from across this big blue marble we call home.  Listen here…






Stan is a DIE-HARD Auburn fanatic AND Auburn graduate,  but nobody knows more about Auburn Football than Stan Stephens.  So let’s listen in on this season’s thirteenth Auburn Football Podcast to hear Stan’s take on all things Auburn.  Football, that is.


It’s exciting!  War Eagle everybody. WAR EAGLE!