Vic & Stan Show #9 – Dog Meat – Learning to Lose with Dignity

Auburn Football Podcast

Well Game #2, the Mississippi State let down, is in the books. And, it looked a lot like the Clemson game. Lots more weaknesses identified – so many that the guys are talking about possible 3-9 record. (Well, at this point, anything is possible I guess.) Next week – LA Monroe, who is coming off a big upset against the Arkansas Razorbacks. So, no push over for us this week either. Personally I think that coach is setting the Bammers up so they expect to win on Black Friday. Good Plan Coach. I think they got the message already. Now let’s beat LA Monroe. WAR EAGLE!

Stan Stephens

Stan Stephens meets his childhood hero, Pat Sullivan - Auburn Football

Vic Herren

Vic Herren - Auburn Football

Vic Herren & Stan Stephens are DIE-HARD Auburn fans AND Auburn graduates (Stan just barely) but nobody knows more about Auburn Football than these two guys.