Vic & Stan Show #8 – Crow for Breakfast & Lessons from Game #1

Auburn Football Podcast

Well Game #1, the Clemson debacle, is in the books. And, unfortunately, it’s in the books as a loss. Stan has to start off in Week #1 eating crow. I’m sure it’s not tasty but Stan can take it. At least he believes. Vic is probably gonna have his picture put up in the locker room near Lutz and OMac’s lockers. He calls Lutz out, and that could be dangerous. But, he thinks he can out gain OMac with the same blocking. Old bones are brittle Vic, just remember that. Lots of weaknesses identified but maybe we can build on the lessons. Next week – Auburn’s SEC opener with Mississippi State The game’s scheduled for 11:00 am on ESPN. WAR EAGLE!

Stan Stephens

Stan Stephens meets his childhood hero, Pat Sullivan - Auburn Football

Vic Herren

Vic Herren - Auburn Football

Vic Herren & Stan Stephens are DIE-HARD Auburn fans AND Auburn graduates (Stan just barely) but nobody knows more about Auburn Football than these two guys.